Details About Diabetes


Diabetes is a type of disease that is caused by abnormal level of sugar present in your blood. This means that the level of sugar in your blood is higher than normal. That is caused by too much intake of sweet food like candies, chocolates. This will cause the inability of the glucose in your blood to get into the cells.

That is why the cells can’t use the sugar that is in your blood and this will cause them to starve off from their required nutrients. It is like a situation where a person is in front of the table with dozens of delicious food but they cannot eat them because he or she is being tied up in the chair.

This is why the body will have problems in healing simple wounds, a simple bug bite will get even worse because the regeneration features of the body will deteriorate because of the cells starving, they can no longer work properly and this will really be bad for infections because there will also be a lower defense system present because the white blood cells will also have problems fighting the bacteria that is attacking the body and this will result in some major complications if it is not addressed right away that is why a lot of people not seeing the problem will surely suffer.

It is believed that there are millions being affected by this disease but almost everyone that is affected do not even know that they have this disease and it is really scary to think about it. Diabetes is a serious disease that could also cause a chain of illnesses, because of diabetes some go blind and some will have heart diseases and kidney failure as well. It is advice that you use blood sugar monitor to monitor you blood sugar levels.

Diabetes is one of the leading causes of death around the world and people can’t seem to avoid it even if it is obviously bad. And most of the diabetes cases caused heart diseases. Having diabetes will mean that you will also have problems with your heart and you are like time bomb waiting to explode caused by heart attack.

That is why these patients with diabetes must have some physician monitor another level in their system like cholesterol levels and blood pressure because it can really help them in avoiding other illnesses arising from this one problem. And any tobacco products will also enhance the chances of other illnesses to arise from this. You can also use blood glucose monitor to help you monitor your blood sugar level.


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